VIFF Best Student Film

VIFF Best Student Film


26 Giugno,
Batteria Ca’Bianca

Cadence of the Valley, Director: Rama Obeid, in Best Student Film – Jordan, 19 min


Dawood, a Ney maker embarks on a spiritual journey after spending a dream-like day with a shepherd in the Jordanian valley.
This story isn’t merely an encounter between a Ney maker and a shepherd, who could’ve made a great match one day. It’s also a story about faith! All the prophets were shepherds, even Adam. Pastoralism is one of humanity’s oldest occupations. Spending days alone in silence, with nature and sheep has something to do with wisdom, spiritual discipline, and pure mindfulness.
The herd itself is actually similar to the human nature, our inner selves. No matter how much we try to gather up the chaos inside us, it scatters. If you try to gather the herd of sheep from one side, it will spread from the other. In the story, only the voice of the Ney is able to gather the herd once again, the Ney represents faith. The Ney is the tool that takes us through Dawood’s transformational journey.
Also, the whole plot about the missing sheep in the jinxed house, how Dawood doubts their beliefs, although it was based on previous experiences, this shows us how faith works: it may seem unbelievable, but it’s true, in a way that we never knew before. It’s a multi-layered story about love, music, nature, and faith.