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CA’B LIVING LAB: the resilient fortress

CA’B LIVING LAB: the resilient fortress

The newly established CASABIANCA Cooperative SCARL intends to reconvert the abandoned area of the Ca ‘Bianca Battery to develop a service center based on a collaborative and integrated urban development model. The project is to create a space in which the needs of citizenship and the economic prospects of the area are integrated with socio-cultural innovation strategies. To do this, the Cooperative relies on new technologies, on shared design forms and on principles of ecological and economic sustainability, with the aim of starting a virtuous process of urban regeneration.

This is the project generated by a codesign process that employed the charrette design method.


The Diversity Association

Association In Diversity OdV has the main purpose of promoting the encounter between cultural, social and artistic diversities at the center as in the suburbs, pursuing an idea of ​​an open society attentive to the issues of natural biodiversity and welcoming cultural and human diversities. The association operates in the field of scientific mediation and artistic practice aims to promote, develop, pursue cultural purposes inherent in the arts of live entertainment, music, dance, theater, performing arts, and visual arts. It works to solve situations of difficulty and social and psycho-physical discomfort such as disease, loneliness, disability and poverty, with experimental methods such as art therapy, theater of the oppressed and the promotion of ecological and sustainable community lifestyles. It offers proximity services and territorial animation, fielding experimentation of social innovation strategies for the urban regeneration of peripheral cultural assets in disuse, such as the Casabianca Angelo Emo fortress on the Lido of Venice. It acts for the creation of inclusive urban development opportunities and collaboration between creativity and territory.

The process

The opening and imagining of the future of the Casabianca Angelo Emo Battery is the result of the rooting of a platform of FORT subjects in FEST device designed to open the strong through participatory and inclusive management practices. The platform gave voice to the fort through historical and heritage testimonies, restoring its use to citizenship as a museum of itself and an open public space.

It represented a testing ground for the In Diversity Association to implement a social innovation strategy aimed at the realization of an inclusive long-term project Casabianca Living lab. The association acts as a catalyst and community animator, for the civic re-appropriation and imagination of the future of this place forgotten by the mental maps of the citizens. A participatory design process, which lasted for 3 years now that has given shape to a reuse project, a cultural enterprise and a place of artisan creation intensely intertwined with the territory and with the lagoon environment going to regenerate through its own living lab approach these relationships.