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VIFF Best Short Film: Entre deux eaux

VIFF Best Short Film: Entre deux eaux


26 Giugno ore 21/23

Batteria Ca’Bianca

Entre deux eaux
Director: Patrice Cordonnier, in Best Short Film – France, 28 min.


Catherine, a single woman, lands into the countryside of Marrakech in order to complete the purchase of a luxurious villa with a pool. But while viewing it, she suddenly changes her mind. When she accepts Ali’s – her Moroccan taxi driver – proposal to play the estate agent, it’s all another trip that comes up to her.
With “Entre deux eaux”, I wanted to film a strange journey: the travel which enables you to meet yourself – at least to reconnect with a buried part of yourself – through another, a foreigner.
At the origin of this desire, a personal experience: a few years ago, during a journey in Morocco, I was disturbed to see how much I was strained with people I came to discover. Their paces, their joy of the moment, their contradictions also, everything annoyed me. I was under the charm but unable to relax… I finally understood my problem: I had been trained to run after time and material things in a society of “always more, always more quickly”.