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FORT_in_FEST_colori+trasparenzaFort in Fest Edizione 0. Festival of diversity inclusion through the arts for social change.

This project started from the willingness to revitalize the relationships in the neighborhoods around the Venetian fortresses. The Venetian fortresses are military sites which were built to defend the Venetian Arsenal as a strategy of deterrence. Erected in different historical ages, but mostly in the XIX century, the structures have always been closed public spaces representing outposts of fears of enemies and strangers coming from the sea and mainland. None but one have ever shoot a cannon ball in conflict. Now abandoned, marginal places, these former military sites are located in neighbourhoods where also this year have taken place tragic episodes of xenophobia, racism and fears of migrants and refugees. On the other side some of the sites became sites of great cultural and social richness thanks to the people who took great care and putted many efforts to transform them in places of exchanges and cultural production.
Fort in Fest network is organizing a festival of theatre and performative arts in collaboration to liberate the still closed sites and create a new circuit of imagination and a sense of community around them.The festival will be the launching event for all ages as site-specific residential laboratories promoting the mixture of cultural diversity throughout the year among participants and local and international artists in the metropolitan city of Venice. We will offer spaces for interaction, unusual occasions for production and knowledge through performance and participative dramaturgy
Taking as a starting point of reflections how art could help to deconstruct the social conception of the enemy and understand the sociological structures sustaining behavior that prevent social cohesion and social learning praxis between different cultures.
This will be achieved though workshops that will explore cultural expressiveness and different body languages and throughout the use of innovative multimedia instruments, debates that will offer the opportunity to the public to increase its awareness about topics of great relevance such as climate changes and wars, which are causing the changes in the composition of our contemporary societies. The artistic events will lead the public to acknowledge the fact that culture is made by endless contaminations’ processes, as it was for the Venetian culture, after millennia-long contacts with different civilizations.