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The Muranero® Non-Profit Cultural Association was set up on October 8, 2012. It is promoted by Moulaye Niang and is born to give a unified form to the various areas in which he has evolved and manifests his polymorphic artistic activity , As well as social and cultural promoter, after over 10 years of his stay in Italy.


A) promotion, enhancement and dissemination of African culture in Italy and the Italian language in Africa, in all “expressions” such as: artistic, musical, linguistic, ethical, uses, customs and practices of life, craftsmanship, Technological, gastronomic, environmental, educational, working;

B) Experimentation of languages ​​of the various forms of human expression (artistic, cultural, literary, musical, craftsmanship, technical, etc.) that can promote sharing and cooperation and networks between “singularities” for the implementation of ” Common sense “based on the dialogue open to meeting, confronting, exchanging, merging, but also accepting the limit imposed by the irreducibility of diversity.


– promotion and implementation of cultural, artistic, technical, gastronomic, training courses in Africa and Italy;

– promotion of social, cultural and artistic networks between “singularities” for the enhancement of “making common” and “common” in diversity;

– Artistic and craftsmanship of “Murano glass beads”, jewelery and jewelery;

– pictorial creations;

– music production;

– editorial production;