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“We experience the artistic experience as a playful and irreverent way to a deeper self-knowledge. We dedicate the same care and attention to the body, mind and mind dimensions to bring more and more light and awareness to the more subtle layers We love to share a creative time and a free space in which to discover, surprise, play, and play Of our limits, prejudices and narrow mental patterns to leave room for the gift of the living energy that lives there. ”

Community Theater and Family Play.

“The Community Theater is concerned with the expression, formation and interaction of people, groups and communities, through performative activities that include theatrical genres, play, feast, rite, sport, dance, Events and cultural events (…). The Community Theater is part of the current anthropological commitment whose strengths are the social construction of the person; The dynamics of interpersonal relationships and intersubjective understandings; The structure of communities and small-scale social forms; It is thus proposed as an action or liturgy of communities threatened with extinction by homogenization and personalization of culture by media society, and as a search for the psychophysical well-being of members of any community by identifying communicative, expressive and relational practices that are capable of To mitigate the malaise and individual stress typical of Western society. ”

(BERNARDI C., The Social Theater, in The Time of Theater, European Orientation and Italian Experience in Educational Institutions, by C. Bernardi and B. Cuminetti, Euresis, Milan, 1998, p. 157)