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Workshop of fruits cuts and Thai cuisine

Workshop of fruits cuts and Thai cuisine


3 September

h 19.30 —PM
Intercultural dinner ( on reservation)

4 September

h 12.00 —AM
dove: Giardino Base Scout Civetta,
Lido di Venezia
Workshop of intercultural cuisine
with the Venitian association of Southeast Asia (ass. Bangla school of Venice and Ass. Thailandese triveneto

The Traditional Thai Cuisine

From North to South the Thailand is the home of a great variety of geografical and etnical diversity, which correspond to a wide range of regional cuisine traditions. The well known Thai Cuisine proposes a rich and diverse combination of erbs, meats, fishes and vegetables, valorised by spices and aromatics erbs. The most famous spice is the red hot chilly pepper. Many Thailandese dishes are very hot!

Beyond the sapient composition of ingredients, the Thai cuisine dedicates particular attention to the aestetic of each dish. The food is welness, so every components has to get health to the body and the soul. The great dish compositions bring beauty and armony to the table.  The delicious Thai dishes could truly be eated with the eyes. The thailandese food today could be simple or elaboarted and it goes between a work of few minutes to be ready to the ones that need hours of preparation all them derives from a ingle creation modified throughout the centuries by all the influences of cultural encounters.