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Ceremonial and ritual Aztecan dance

Ceremonial and ritual Aztecan dance


Preparation for ritual evening with Ollinatl Contreras

At 20.00
Ceremonial dance Aztec: with Ollinatl Contreras


Ritual Evening: Ceremonial Dance Aztec

Still present in the present, cultural expression through the movement and ancestral sounds recalls in the present the magic of the indelible traces of the pre-Columbian past of Mexico. Dance and sound in combination MATEMAGICA connect to connect the emotions and sharing of ritual vibrations.

Sunday 10.30 – 12.30
Cosmic Moving Circle “Nothing is static, everything is moving” with Ollinatl

At the sound of the drums the participants of the ritual circle enter into a passive and active meditative stage, the connection between the resonance of the drum and the inner movement will invite the vital essence to participate in a dynamic and magical circle