On the same boat


“To go on, I must become somebody else. I have to disown my name. I have to remember the day my friend was born.

To reach the next coast, some of us will die, swallowed by a wave. Maybe a fish, a whale or a marmaid will pay him the last tribute. Who knows. We haven’t eaten since two weeks. Sacrifice, magic, lamb of the sea, after your death the boat can go on”


The journey, the hope, the sea, the boat, the desire, the coast, burocracy, displacements, documents. All that represents the odissey of immigrants reaching Europe, its burocratic monster-machine and an alien culture.


The true stories of people who faced the the sea on a boat. By taking that boat they make us sail with them, in a sea we can’t control but understand.


This is a call to action. The audiance will be involved in the scene at the end of the theatrical performance. The aim is to incite people to debate, through the body expression, the speech and the writing. The performance wants the group to foster a thought. Which are the means to overcome the critical aspects of the migration issue? 


We are all in the same boat and we are about to leave.


Accoglienza Project is an unformal association since 2015. We all come from different professional experiences but the desire to improve the immigrants’ living conditions join us in a group.


“Life is like theatre. Each new day is a new scene with new acts and roles to portray. The sets always change. You come across new dialogue and lines to exchange between others. Scripts are improvised. But the beauty in it is that everyday, you are constantly learning who you are and how others around you are.”

Stella Adler, The art of acting


In partnership with:


Associazione Interculturando Roma, La Città dell’Utopia, Collettivo Artistico The Albero