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Venice Intercultural Film Festival

Venice Intercultural Film Festival

Venice Intercultural Film Festival
26/27  giugno 2020, ore 21-23
Batteria Ca’Bianca Angelo Emo
We are a brand new, up and coming annual film festival held in the heart of Venice. We think cinema as an open-mind tool that can “illuminate” aspects of the human experience that we usually do not perceive. We intend to ensure that our festival becomes a stable annual point of reference for dialogue between different cultures. We also want to create a vibrant and pleasant environment where we can meet creative people and see the works of talented young authors.

Due to the Coronavirus the screenings of the winning films will be held outdoors, in conditions of luck, with a maximum of 30 preassigned seats. We would like to make a second screening in case of overbooking. All health security conditions will be respected.

WINNERS 2020 (26 giugno 2020, ore 21-23)
Entre deux eaux
Director: Patrice Cordonnier, in Best Short Film
– France, 28 min.
Mountain, Priest, Son
Director: John Seddon and Vaibhav Kaulin,
in Best Short Documentary
– India, 27 min.
Director: Shirin Sabour,
in Best Short/doc On Women,
Iran, 15 min.
The Other
Directors: Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimii,
in Best Silent Film
– India, 25 min.
Letter to my Mother
Director: Amin Maher,
in Best Short/doc On Human Rigths
– Germany, 20 min.
Cadence of the Valley
Director: Rama Obeid,
in Best Student Film – Jordan, 19 min
Making Men
Director: Antoine Panier, in Best Art Film
– Belgium, 20 min
SELECTED 2020 EDITION (27 giugno 2020, ore 21-23)
Director: Masoud Soheili,
in Best Short Film
– Afghanistan, 15 min
Natural Born Hunters
Director: Mikhail Menshikov,
in Best Short Documentary
– United Kingdom, 26 min
Men I Trust
Director: Nathan Vass,
in Best Short/doc On Women
– United States, 33 min
Jolfa Square
Director: Sina Khanahmadi,
in Best Silent Film – Iran,
Islamic Republic of, 10 min
At the end of the Line
Director: Filipe Almedia,
in Best Short/doc On Human Rigths
– Portugal, 20 min
Director: Zeynep Kaserci,
in Best Student Film
– Turkey, 29 min
ATTENTIONSPAM: The Ballad of Muhammad Chang
Directors: Kilo Watts, The Drone, Ahhtension Planet Arts,
in Best Art Film,
United States, 55 min (solo trailer)
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