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Roda de Capoeira e Freve da Samba concert

Roda de Capoeira e Freve da Samba concert


Saturday 6 July hrs 21.00

Roda de capoeira with Capoeira group Topazio

Ore 21.30

Freve da Samba in concertHistory of the association Freve da SambaVenice and Brazil have more than an affinity: the international breath, the light and space of the sea, the popular, mysterious legends and beautiful as all legends, perhaps true or made such by the stories replicated and varied over the centuries. It is this fusion between two worlds that characterizes the heart of the Freve daSamba project which proposes Brazilian sounds with texts in Venetian dialect. Guided by a musical instinct, the Freve da Samba with the tempoconcretano a passion, recording several records including: ” Samburinha “and the homonymous“ Freve da Samba ”, balancing the Brazilian tradition and the freedom of interpretation derived from the multiple musical experiences of the components through an accurate work of arrangement. Various influences, new age sounds, echoes of jazz and many small items coming from everyone’s musical background. Stories of everyday life ironically told in the light of a completely Venetian taste in a clever mix of samba, choro, afoxé, baião, marcatú, batucada … Fusion which the group calls “Tropicalismo Veneto”. In addition to the original pieces, the group offers a reinterpretation of many songs taken from the vast repertoire of Brazilian popular music. Immortal songs of the greatest South American authors: Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Toquinho, Jorge Ben and others. The group was born in 2004 and their members are linked by a strong passion for this musical genre that soon turned into a disease called ………… …. “FREVE DA SAMBA”. #Samba #brasil #febbre #Sabato #sera #July # 2019 #fortinfest

Freve da Samba in concerto

Freve da samba FORT in FEST 2019 6-7 Luglio 2019