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Dance therapy intensive workshop with Pio Campo.

Dance therapy intensive workshop with Pio Campo.


DANZARE i FORTI. [DANCING FORTRESSES]. Unpublished dance review [June-September / 2019]

The high-level dance therapy workshop will be held on June 22 at 10.00 am with Pio Campo, a pupil of Maria Fux. The first important moment that sees the birth of an exhibition completely dedicated to dance and its potential. Time .. movement, mystery.

When the dance get united beyond the words and transforms the way into an intimate place for recognizing oneself.

Meetings will take place within the suggestive spaces of the Cà Bianca Battery of the Lido of Venice that will allow all lovers, scholars and professionals of the dance, to meet different professionals in the field, living unique experiences with the possibility of discovering different approaches to the world of dance. Pio Campo brings us his research with Dance Therapy and the Maria Fux method, of which he is a direct student. Director of the Centro Internacional de Dançaterapia María Fux, Pio Campo seeks to understand and deepen this language through geographical locations, different ages and different human states in terms of culture, physicality and social conditions. The Dance Therapy is a path of reappropriation of body language through creative stimuli that favor the reunification of the movement with the unique and living “feeling” of every human being. The María Fux Method is based on the possibility of a change that allows to exit and gradually abandon rigidity, fear, instability, regardless of the psychic, physical and social status of each. The skin, the muscles, the bone structure are a constant invitation to Dance, understood as a profound capacity for expression, communication and relationship. (Pio Campo, Centro Internacional de Dançaterapia María Fux)

The workshop is open to all. The spaces of the Cà Bianca fortress are outdoors and we will be inside a space of historical relevance. Don’t miss the chance to live this moment, we are waiting for you!