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Transitions: ecovillages in Italy and Senegal

Vettor Pisani Centre what to expect: at 5.30 p.m. opening of doors and presentation of the book “Ritorno alle Origini” by Mario Cecchi at 6.30 p.m. documentary screening: ‘Theatre-forum among the ecovillages of Senegal’ by Alessandra Manzini followed by banquet and afrobeat music A meeting to reflect on the value system that guides successful ecological […]

BATTERIA CASABIANCA – Art site specific

In recent years, economic thought has colonized all areas of social life, becoming a “single thought,” that is, a hegemonic cultural pattern in a Gramscian sense. This means that any type of human initiative or experience, to be considered relevant, must demonstrate that it produces monetary profits. The “valorisation” of cultural assets is no exception. […]

“Behind Venice Luxury – un hazara in Italia

Saturday 30 September 20.00 Forte Bazzera Projection of Amin Wahidi’s documentary “Behind Venice Luxury – a hazara in Italy Director Amin Wahidi’s documentary “Behind Venice Luxury – a Hazara in Italy” was selected for the Venice City Prize, which this year has reached its 24th edition and will take place during the 74th International Dinner […]

Proiezioni Wirikuta

da Sabato 23 ore 15.00 Polveriera Francese, Forte Marghera Incurante della fama a livello mondiale, che lo ha portato a lavorare a Parigi, l’artista Santos Motoapohua de la Torre continua a vivere nella remota Sierra Madre Occidentale, in Messico. La sua vita si fonde con i riti, le attività quotidiane, i colori della natura, le […]

Haiti on Documentary

Saturday 23 September 15.00 to 18.00 Sunday 24 September 10.00 to 19.00 Polveriera Francese, Forte Marghera Haïti, le chemin de la liberté Directed by Arnold Antonin Produced by : Cashiers du Cinéma 1974 Haiti language| French, Spanish, English, Italian, Haitian Creole | Feature Documentary “Haïti, le chemin de la liberté” traces the struggle of the […]